Who am I?

Well for the purpose of this website and not to get too existential on you - I'm a Diamond in the Rough type of salesperson. What does that mean? It means you can trust me with your sales process and your potential clients, and get back to focusing on what you do best - the work that makes your consulting or service-based business unique. 

I call myself a Program Specialist, but you'd probably call me a Sales Consultant. I'm here to learn your programs and who you want to work with, and then communicate with your potential clients to make sure they say yes to your program. 

And you're in good hands because I've been selling programs since 2005, so you'll have someone on your side who knows her stuff.


If my corporate background interests you - I worked in for-profit education for 11 years before venturing out on my own as an independent Program Specialist, which I have been doing since 2018.


If credentials are your thing - I have an MBA, a BSBA, and was Steak and Ale Hampton's Employee of the Month in 1998 for "Consistency." (My EOM plaque hangs right next to both of my college diplomas)

In my spare time I'm an avid film and TV watcher, improviser, painter, singer, trivia nerd, and am completely in love with my dog.


The best part about working with me is that in addition to making you money, I'm pretty fun.

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